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Discover the Convenience of Tingkat Meals

Indulge in the heartwarming essence of home with Tingkat’s nourishing meals. We draw inspiration from wholesome family recipes to give you an uplifting dining experience in the comfort of your home.

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Convenient Meal Subscription Service in Singapore

Select Catering is the go-to catering and tingkat meal subscription service in Singapore. Enjoy the convenience of delicious, home-cooked meals delivered straight to your door. With our carefully crafted menu, you can say goodbye to meal prep stress and hello to quality, freshly prepared dishes. Elevate your dining experience effortlessly with ourhassle-free meal subscription service today.



With 30 years of culinary expertise, we pay meticulous attention and create diverse menus to surpass expectations, creating wonderful experiences that keep customers coming back for more.


Every delectable dish is crafted with care to ensure a flavourful meal, even without MSG!


All our dishes are created from incorporating a myriad of nutritious family recipes, to give you the authentic taste of home.


Our chefs use lower sodium salt to balance flavour and health, providing meals that support a healthier lifestyle while still delivering rich and satisfying flavours.


Where culinary mastery meets wellness. Our dishes feature reduced oil content, ensuring a lighter meal without compromising on taste.

Tingkat Meal Subscription Plan

3 Dishes 1 Soup

4 Dishes


Enjoy 1 Pork or Chicken dish with your meal. Cooked fresh daily in a variety of styles; such as Sweet and Sour Pork and Curry Chicken.


Treat yourself to a selection of seasonal fish dishes of premium varieties such as Snapper, Barramundi and Spanish Mackerel.


Savour a variety of healthy greens with your meals for a balanced diet. Delight in dishes such as Spinach with Shimiji Mushrooms and Belacan Kang Kong with Cuttlefish.


Packed with nutrients and natural flavours extracted from hours of simmering, our hearty soups are naturally sweet with no added MSG.

4 Dishes


Add more variety to your meals with an alternative dish to replace the soup option. Enjoy dishes like Braised Mushrooms with Beancurd, Minced Chicken with Wintermelon Strips or Sichuan Vegetables with Shredded Chicken.​


With the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding the time and energy to prepare a nutritious, home-cooked meal can be a challenge for busy professionals. Let Select Catering’s daily meal subscription service step in to simplify your life and enhance your dining experience. With over 30 years of expertise, we offer nostalgic, home-cooked meals without added MSG, minimal oil, and reduced salt content. Elevate your dining experience with wholesome, flavourful dishes conveniently delivered to your doorstep today!


Hear from Our Customers

Discover why Select Catering is the top choice for convenient and delicious meal subscriptions, straight from the voices of those who love our service.


The dishes are delicious with less oil and salt, leaving you feeling satisfied but not thirsty. Trust that they use fresh, healthy ingredients and no MSG added.  Their assam dishes are the best! Not too spicy, yet it’s really authentic and homely taste. Overall, I am delighted with the nutritious balanced and delicious meal served daily. The customer service is outstanding, with courteous and prompt responses. I have recommended Select Tingkat to many friends who are interested and will continue to recommend it to others 😊

Sinni Tan

Have been a customer for few years, love their cooking which is very homely.

Reasonable pricing and great customer service!

Danie D.

My family has gone through a number of tingkat catering services and so far we are the most satisfied with this company.

The level of spiciness for spicy dishes is just nice, they have good variety in menu and their dishes are not too oily/greasy/ salty.

Their delivery personnel are also punctual and polite. Highly recommend!

Stella Ng

Have been ordering dinner tingkat since last year end. Good variety of food, minimal processed food, punctual delivery and great customer service. Would recommend!

SP Lim

Have subscribed to their tingkat dinner for years. The menu for the home-cooked dishes keeps improving!

Chin HY

Food is well prepared, big portions and seldom has repeated meals. Definitely my first choice for home-cooked tingkat.

Goh Pei Ning

My family and I have patronised Select Catering for our meals for decades. The catered meals are promising, and they can be enhanced based on the selected food options. Alas, the delivery fee is slightly towards the steep side, but it is worthwhile in fulfilling our family's needs


Food is great! Not too bland, salty, oily! The highlight of my meal is the sweet & sour pork and the soup! Portion given for 2 pax is generous!

Adora Chiew

Good & portion also a lot. I tried the tingkat last time 10 years ago but stopped. now trying again because of the convenience and wow, the taste better. price increased but then variety and ingredients nicer. it's better than last time  

Shirley Chong

Excellent quality and service. We have used this vendor for several years and they have brightened our days.

Daniel Tan

Recently the Company has fine tuned their tingkat varieties and food tasted good, not too spicy or salty. Daily delivery was very prompt and food kept warm too.  

Fong Kee

My family has been ordering Select Tingkat dinner for past few months. We are happy to continue with them because: - not using MSG - less salty and oily food - good and responsive customer service - no processed food

Yow Ching Cheng

The food matches the taste of my family

Siew Boey Yeo

Compare to the other tingkats I ordered from, select catering services was able to serve me and my family are happy with their services. Their food portion is just nice and variety is very good and tasty. Not too salty too. The order and renewal was easy. Keep up the good work, Select Catering.

David “Ignatius” Yong

We have been ordering tingkat dinner since the outbreak of Covid in early 2020. Over the past 4 years, we have tried 3 different catering companies and Select Catering is the best! Select Catering offers a good variety of dishes and the team always makes an effort in gathering customers' feedback in striving for better food quality and service! We often recommended Select Catering to relatives and friends who needed tingkat delivery.

Zachary Goh

Senior-friendly meals approved by my parents :))) highly recommended!

Dennis Hoon

Good variety of food choices everyday. Suit our taste with quality food by the chefs. Excellent customer service,  along with the operation team and delivery team makes a difference, can be counted on and most importantly, is reachable and responsive and runs the extra mile even after office hours.

Karen C

We have been ordering tingkat for more than 10 years, and it has been really convenient for us the food is delivered in the late afternoon. The dishes are one of the better ones out there. The dishes rarely repeated within the month. We get out food delivered in a tiffin carrier which makes easy for quick warming.

Alicia Ong

I will recommend this caterer After trying out the top few. This caterer cooked with a good taste of home cooked food. A good fragrance floods the home every evening as we sit around in anticipation of its menu. Even its delivery man is like a close relative every time he drops off our food. He will tells us especially that dessert is on the house today! Appraising also the coordinator who is always responsive to our queries. And big big clap for its chefs. This is a family caterer just like how my mum would cook

Adeline Ong

After trying their 2 weeks trial, my family decided to change from 5 year caterer to Select as we enjoy their variety of fresh leafy vegetables (instead of root vegetables like potatos, carrots, beans sprouts) and whole fish (instead of dory fish slices) in their tingkat menu. Portions are generous too.

Soon Chew

Nice work so far. My parents whom I ordered the Tingkat for feedback that the delivery was on time (my previous caterer missed delivery twice in 10 days). Customer service response on Whatsapp was prompt and clear. (my previous cater didn't respond when I asked if there is delivery on a PH. In the end my parents have to wait until 5pm that day before buying their own dinner.) My mum shared the food was tasty, not too salty. I like the post-it note on the tingkat which says "no spicy". It's not so much about the note, but about the healthy chain of communication from admin team to kitchen team. Keep up the work!


There have been some delicious food provided by Select chefs for the tingkat dinners. Also love the Tuesday alternative meals which are very generous in portion.

Hui Hui

Ordered tingkat because no time cook after work. 2 pax portion quite generous. Really no MSG, don’t feel thirsty after eating. The soup I quite surprised so much ingredients inside. And has sweetness from the carrots etc. first time ordering, will continue with them. Hope will maintain standard.

April A

Subscribed since Jan, got price adjustment recently but was promised better quality food and so far quite satisfied. Some days come with whole fish, i ordered for 2 person, about $9/person after delivery & microwave box and rice. Personally find the price reasonable as delivered to doorstep. Now mixed veg rice also not cheap. Some days a bit early but after I feedback got abit improvement, hope can improve further. Jen always friendly with my queries n feedback. Oh the soup got home taste my kid love it a lot

May Hui

Delicious overall. Some miss on some days but overall good value for money. Allow request of non-spicy so my kids can eat also. Not too salty and oily good

Eve Tan

My family and I have patronised Select Catering for our meals for decades. The catered meals are promising, and they can be enhanced based on the selected food options. Alas, the delivery fee is slightly towards the steep side, but it is worthwhile in fulfilling our family's needs

Aly C.

Tried their tingkat after switching from another company. Portion and food variety for 2pax not bad, fish not mushy.

Mdm Goh

The service meets our needs well. We have been supporting the company for more than 3 years.

Lim Poh Yee

We like the new dishes introduced recently. The assam fish
and curry veggie is better than the previous batch!


Owned by the Select Group of Companies, Select Catering specializes in providing a one-stop catering solution in Singapore with more than 25 years of food cate ring experience.

When planning an important event, one of the most essential elements that will determine whether guests wind up enjoying themselves is the quality of the food being served. Finding catering in Singapore for small groups could be a problem, though, accommodating larger groups would definitely multiply the complexities. No matter how large or small the party is, Select Catering is here to ensure customers the standards we uphold as the top buffet caterer in Singapore, assisting their events towards being a resounding success.

Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

How does Select Catering's tingkat meal subscription work?

Select Catering offers a hassle-free meal subscription service where you choose your preferred meal plan and schedule. Our team prepares delicious, home-cooked meals and delivers them straight to your doorstep.

Yes, we offer flexibility to accommodate various dietary preferences and restrictions. Simply let us know your preferences, and our chefs will tailor your meals accordingly.

Select Catering stands out with our commitment to quality, convenience, and authenticity. We prioritise fresh ingredients, home-cooked flavours, and reliable delivery to ensure a delightful dining experience every time.