3 Misconceptions Surrounding Tingkat Delivery

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Tingkat delivery refers to a home-cooked food delivery service in Singapore, where freshly prepared meals are delivered directly to the customers’ doorstep. The term ‘tingkat’ translates to ‘tier’ in Malay and typically involves a tiered set of stacked meal containers, each containing a different course of the meal. Offering a convenient solution for busy households and individuals, tingkat delivery continues to grow in popularity today. However, despite the benefits, those who are unfamiliar with this meal subscription plan may be hesitant due to certain common misconceptions. In this article, we debunk some of these myths and shed light on the truth to dispel any lingering worries or concerns!

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Misconception 1: Compromised Freshness and Quality

As tingkat services whip up large batches of food at a time, it is easy to assume that focus is placed on quantity rather than quality, though this is far from the truth. With a reputation to uphold, many tingkat providers emphasise on using high-quality ingredients to ensure all dishes taste as good as they look. Furthermore, these meals are prepared by professional chefs with culinary knowledge and expertise on cooking techniques that preserve the flavours, textures and nutritional value of food. After preparation, these courses are promptly delivered to maintain optimal freshness. When it comes to food, tingkat delivery companies recognise that taste precedes everything else and that is why they are committed to freshness and quality to build customer confidence, loyalty and trust.

Chef Cooking Food

Misconception 2: Limited Food Variety

Now that the myths regarding freshness have been debunked, the perceived limited range of food options remains a factor that may deter individuals from opting for tingkat delivery services. This misconception stems from a lack of awareness about the diversity and flexibility offered by many providers. While tingkat traditionally involves the delivery of pre-cooked meals for a set period, modern services have evolved to provide a diverse tingkat menu and range of customisable choices. Reputable tingkat delivery services often include a variety of meal plans, accommodating different dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, halal, or specific health requirements. Some providers also allow customers to request specific dishes or adjust portions, adapting their services to meet the needs of their customers.

At Select Catering, customers can choose between three dishes and one soup or four dishes for their tingkat delivery. Our dynamic menu features a myriad of delectable dishes meant to entice your palate and satisfy your cravings. You can also leave special orders in our ‘remarks’ box like requesting for non-spicy options or swapping out certain dishes for vegetarian alternatives, and our Customer Sales Team will be in touch.

Misconception 3: Unhealthy Food Options

How frequent do you hear that takeout meals are generally less healthy than ones prepared at home? While this holds true to a certain extent, it does not necessarily apply to most tingkat delivery services. Capturing the essence of a home-cooked meal is one of the standout features of this service, ensuring that the dishes are both delicious and healthy! Reliable and trustworthy tingkat providers focus on fresh ingredients, creating nutrient-rich dishes. Combined with cooking techniques that minimise the use of excessive oil, sugar and salt, and portion control to promote a balanced intake of calories, meals are tailored to meet not just dietary preferences but nutritional requirements as well.

We understand the importance of healthy living, which is why our meals are prepared with less oil, lower sodium salt and no added MSG. You may even switch from white rice to healthier brown rice at no additional cost! With us, customers can gain access to healthy tingkat meal options.

Biases and preconceived notions are fuels that give rise to myths on any subject; therefore, it is important to conduct your own research and explorations to gain insight on the facts. We hope that we were able to clarify the misconceptions surrounding tingkat delivery and showcase what it means to possess true tingkat quality!

With a commitment to provide convenient, scrumptious and healthy tingkat delivery, we aim to make mealtimes hassle-free and enjoyable. By leveraging innovative technology and continuous improvement, Select Catering exceeds customers expectations in taste and value. Visit our website for more information today!




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