3 Reasons to Choose Food Catering Options for 7th Lunar Month Celebrations

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Also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, the lunar 7th month celebration is a traditional Chinese and East Asian cultural event that occurs during the seventh month of the lunar calendar. It is believed that the gates of the underworld are opened during this time, allowing spirits and ghosts to roam freely in the human realm. To appease these wandering spirits and honour ancestors, various rituals including burning incense, conducting ceremonies and most importantly, offering food are performed. Rather than preparing the food on your own either as an offering for spirits or loved ones to observe tradition, opting for food catering with cultural catering choices brings about greater convenience and several other benefits that can enhance the lunar 7th month experience.

Preserving Traditions with Convenience

Beyond a means to quell spirits, different types of food offerings hold their own symbolisms. For instance, fruits, particularly oranges, represent abundance, providing nourishment to the visiting spirits. Choosing food catering simplifies the preparation process, enabling families to uphold cultural traditions without the exhaustive effort of personally sourcing and arranging each dish. This convenience not only saves time but also lets individuals focus on the spiritual aspects of the festival, fostering a meaningful connection with their heritage. Ultimately, striking a balance between maintaining ancestral customs and adapting to contemporary lifestyles in this way empowers convenient traditional celebrations and grants accessibility for families to observe the lunar 7th month with reverence.

Professional Expertise

Catering services often specialise in crafting culturally significant dishes that demonstrate a deep understanding of the specific requirements and symbolisms related to the Hungry Ghost Festival. With expertise in the lunar month traditions, our team at Select Catering brings their culinary experience to the table, ensuring each dish is prepared with precision, quality ingredients and adherence to traditional recipes. This guarantees authenticity in both taste and presentation and at the same time relieves families from the burden of meticulous preparations. Our 7th month seasonal menu offers dishes like roasted whole duck, fish, crab and more that are usually integrated in 7th month prayers. The best part? Food offerings extend themselves beyond the departed to the living as well. Families and even companies and organisations can engage buffet catering or mini buffet catering for their loved ones or employees as a treat after their yearly Lunar 7th month celebration.

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Strengthening Family Bonds

Families Using Incense During 7th Month

From setting up altars to conducting ceremonies, engaging in prayers, and participating in traditional performances, the lunar month encourages family bonding, presenting the rare opportunity to come together and partake in these meaningful activities. By embracing the convenience of food catering, loved ones can focus on shared experiences and rituals instead of the challenges that come with food preparation. This shared involvement not only facilitates a sense of togetherness and reinforces a collective effort to honour ancestors, but also promotes a more relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, allowing families to truly commemorate their heritage with greater peace of mind.

Though typically associated with fear and precautions, the 7th lunar month in reality brings people together to pay homage to a tradition that has held steady throughout generations. Today, with a diverse range of practical cultural catering options, families can keep this practice alive in a more meaningful and profound manner that will continue to stand the test of time.

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