5 Tips For Catering For An Event

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Looking for a catering service provider will certainly be among the important items on your to-do list, no matter if you are hosting a company event, a wedding or a birthday party. Event catering ideas and planning play a huge role in ensuring a pleasant experience. To empower effective catering management, take note of the following catering tips.

1. Plan your budget

We understand that planning a budget for catering can be quite a challenge as there are different fees involved. Nonetheless, it does not mean it is impossible to get your ideal catering service within your budget. Follow the five steps below to effectively plan a budget for catering:

  • Step 1: Identify the type of food
  • Step 2: Be flexible with trade-offs 
  • Step 3: Calculate a final bill to determine the maximum sum to spend
  • Step 4: Communicate with your caterer about your event
  • Step 5: Check the invoice to ensure consistency between the spending and your orders

With the aforementioned steps above, organisers should be able to get their preferred food for events such as lunar 7th month catering, without exceeding their budget.

2. Select from a few different menus

During an event, ordering food for people who you are not familiar with, such as employees, clients and stakeholders, can be tricky. It is recommended to make your decisions based on a few menus from different caterers. Every caterer offers their own food with respective specialties. Comparing the types of food  and prices from each caterer can help you better determine which suits your event the best. Another tip to note, be moderate when it comes to food variety. A common mistake lies in providing too much variety. There could be circumstances that some people are only in favour of certain entrees and take most of them leaving little for others. Take these small details into account to ensure your attendees are well fed.

3. Determine the portion sizing

It is often time-consuming when it comes to finding the right food portion sizes for an event. You may have decided on the type of food but determining how much to order can be tedious work. Fret not, here is a guide to help you ease your doubts.

  • Prepare more

The golden rule of event catering is rounding up. This means you have to overestimate the amount of food in order to avoid running out of food during the event. For example, offer a serving amount of 65 to 70 people even if there are only 60 people in your actual guest list.

  • Take event styles into consideration

The serving size also depends on the style of the event. If the event duration is longer, you may want to order more food, like lunar 7th month catering . For events where guests are on their feet, less food is required. It is recommended to have fewer main courses and imore snacks for events like these.

4. Plan a drink menu 

Do not only focus on the menu as drinks are also an important element in an event. To accommodate guests of all ages, prepare a wide range of beverages, especially non-alcoholic ones such as drinking water and soda. On the other hand, alcoholic drinks such as wine, liquor and beer should be provided if you are hosting a wedding and corporate events.

5. Stick to a schedule

Let your caterer know about your itinerary so that they can serve food around your schedule. You won’t want to disappoint your guests with cold meals.

With the curated list of tips above, we hope you have a better idea on how to plan your catering for your event. If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional catering company to help you with all your party catering needs.

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