6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tingkat Delivery Service

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In a fast-paced society like Singapore where time is precious and health is a priority, Tingkat delivery services have become a convenient solution for busy adults and parents looking for wholesome meals without the hassle of cooking. But with so many meal subscription services available, you’ll need to ask the right questions before coming to a decision. So, whether you’re trying Tingkat for the first time or considering a switch, here are 6 key questions you should ask in order to choose the best delivery service for you. 

1. What dietary accommodations do you offer?

Firstly, you’ll need to verify whether your Tingkat delivery service of choice offers customised meal options that cater to any specific dietary requirements you have. Are they able to accommodate special requests such as “no seafood” or “no peanuts” for allergies? What about vegetarian or halal meal options? Remember to ask these questions upfront so that you can indulge in healthy and satisfying meals with peace of mind.  

2. What is your delivery schedule like?

Next, it’s important to know when your chosen Tingkat service delivers to help you plan everything smoothly. Look into their designated delivery days and times and check if their delivery windows align with your schedule. The key is to find a meal service with reliable delivery timings that can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, so that you’ll have piping-hot and freshly delivered meals ready for you to dig into at all times. 

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3. How are portion sizes determined?

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Another inquiry you should make before engaging a Tingkat delivery service pertains to their meal portion sizes, and whether they offer variations to suit different needs. For example, do they provide smaller portions for individual meals, or do they only supply larger servings for sharing with family? Choosing a meal subscription service that offers appropriate meal portions will allow you to enjoy satisfying meals while also minimising food wastage. 

4. What quality assurance measures are in place for freshness?

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When it comes to food, you should never compromise on its freshness, quality, and safety. Look into a meal delivery service’s quality assurance measures and check for any official certifications when doing your research. Hire a Tingkat service that prioritises sourcing high-quality ingredients and adheres to strict food safety standards so that you can have scrumptious meals every day worry-free. 

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5. What is the pricing structure?

Hiring a Tingkat delivery service is a great way to eat healthy without breaking the bank, which is why it’s important to understand the pricing structure of your chosen meal subscription service. Check that it can fit within your budget and is value for money.

Clarify whether the service offers daily, weekly, or monthly subscription plans, and take a look at the cost breakdown for a clearer idea. It would also be wise to ask about any discounts or promotions available for new customers or long-term subscribers to further maximise savings.

6. What are the meal options available?

Just like how you would not opt for the same dishes every day when ordering cai fan, having variety in your meal subscription service adds excitement and keeps things interesting. Contrary to popular belief, Tingkat services can provide a wide range of menu options, and some are even able to offer rotating and seasonal menus. Whether you prefer spicy, mild, or savoury flavours, having something to look forward to daily ensures satisfaction in every bite.

With a trusted Tingkat delivery service like Select Catering, bid farewell to unhealthy takeout options and hello to nutritious meals delivered right to your doorstep. You will also enjoy diverse and varied meal options guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds. And if you’re still on the fence, worry not — we have a 2-week free trial for Tingkat delivery, allowing you to experience our service first-hand with no obligations. 

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