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question Can I exchange some of the items in the proposed menu with those in the other menus?
answer Changes to the menu is possible if:

Maximum 1 dish change allowed.

question Can I rent tables & chairs?
answer Yes you can. Please refer to our optional equipment rental list for more information.

question How much food should I order?
answer All Customers are advised to place their orders based on the exact no. of guests they are inviting. However, due to the high quality of food served by us, some guests may consume more than the food portion catered for them. Therefore, customers are advised to order an extra 10% to act as a buffer.

question What does “4 hours per function upon arrival time” mean?
answer “4 hours per function upon arrival time” means our drivers will collect the warmers after 4 hours, as our food is best served within these 4 hours. You can arrange for the collection to be made after the 4-hour duration, and extended hours are chargeable at $10.70 (with GST) per hour. For collections after 11:00 pm, a $53.50 (with GST) next day collection fee will be imposed.

question How do I pay?
answer You can pay via cash or cheque upon delivery. For corporate clients requesting for credit facilities, a credit evaluation form must first be submitted for approval.

question How do I place my order?
answer You can place your order via the following means:

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Through our website. Orders must be placed 5 working days before the date of function

question If I need to change my order, how do I do it?
answer If you need to make changes to your order, you can call us at least 3 working days before the function, by 2.00pm. Our Customer Service Officer will be able to assist you.

Dinner Delivery

question What is the difference between Tingkat Deluxe Package and Tingkat Economy Package?
answer Difference is in the ingredients used in the dishes served for the day. Kindly refer to the following for an example:

Tingkat Deluxe Package Tingkat Economy Package
– Diced Chicken w Vegetables
– Batan w Oriental Sesame Soy Sauce
– Oyster Sauce You Mai Vegetables
– Ngoh Hiang Ball
– Chicken Ball w Vermicelli Soup
– Diced Chicken w Vegetables
– Nonya Dory Steak
– Oyster Sauce Lettuce
– Ngoh Hiang Ball
– Chicken Ball w Vermicelli Soup

question What is the delivery time?
answer The delivery time is between 4.00pm – 7.00pm. Please note that our Customer Service Officers will not be able to tell you the exact delivery time, due to unpredictable traffic conditions.

question If I ordered the 4 days dinner, can I call up one day in advance to tell you which day I do not want to take the dinner?
answer Yes, you can. Customers can “exchange” or replace the dinner to another day. If you wish to change the date, you can only do so at the beginning of the month.

question If I do not wish to take dinner, when can I call to inform you?
answer Customers must call our Customer Service Officers before 4.00pm, and one day in advance to cancel their dinner. If you inform us on the same day, no refund will be given.

question Can I have a trial of two weeks?
answer Yes. Our Customer Service Officers will advise you to start your dinner delivery in the middle of the month. The charges will be based on pro-rated basis.
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